Why I’m never depending on another human being ever again

My friend once told me that I’m the only person I’m guaranteed to spend the rest of my life with so I have to do what makes me happy and do what I approved of. It would’ve been good advice if I wasn’t depressed, but I was that day and I just remember thinking “Other people are the only reason I’m here, so if I play by that rule, I’d be dead.” And just thought that was the most bullshit thing I had ever heard so I ignored it.

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“Put on my music, because I’m going to be there for you” – Demi Lovato

It’s funny how much music and its lyrics can tell our stories for us. I went for an hour long walk the other day. It was beautiful out and I was listening to my music. I realized that I learn a lot about myself and my situations from the music that I listen to. I have always loved music but as I got older, it became a bigger part of my life.

It helps make sense of everything. When I’m trying to put the pieces of a Continue reading

24 Hour Sobriety Break

I had been sober since December. I had been sober for 190 days. For the past few weeks, I had been having a lot of triggers; friends drinking, stress from school, and the fact that it is common for writers to drink. My birthday was Saturday. I made the well-thought-out decision to put my sobriety on pause and drink for the day. I knew there were risks, and that’s why I talked to my counsellor the day before and told my friend to watch me and not let me go overboard.

When I went into the liquor store Friday afternoon, I had a mini anxiety attack. My vision Continue reading

Anxiety Technique: Exposure

We naturally want to avoid the things or situations that make us anxious and/or uncomfortable. However, “the big problem with avoidance is that it keeps anxiety alive and well” (Roberts, Sylvia, & Reilly-Harrington, 2014).

I never avoid things/situations that make me anxious because I know if I do, I will sink Continue reading

Anxiety Technique: Rethinking the Usefulness of Worry

Worry is a big factor of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which is what I have. We worry about everything. School, sickness, time, friends, to name a few. We constantly are thinking, about everything. I honestly don’t know how we sleep at night.

“There are two general types of worries:

  1. Worries about current problems (for example, ‘what if I don’t have enough money to pay the bills?’, ‘what if I don’t finish my report on time?’, ‘what if my argument with my friend means we never speak again?’)
  2. Worries about hypothetical situations (for example, ‘what if the flight I’m taking next month crashes?’; ‘what if I get a serious disease when I’m older?’)”
    (Anxiety BC, n.d.)

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Anxiety Technique: Keeping an Anxiety Diary

Keeping an anxiety diary is important in a few ways. It can help with seeing your progress and how far you’ve come. It can also help as a reference to see how you’ve handled similar situations before. Also, you will be able to see if your anxiety is getting worse. That way, you can make changes to your lifestyle if you want.

To do this, make up a chart (or use mine that I attached) and include date Continue reading