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  1. Leah says:

    although i wouldn’t be inclined to attend a meetup grpoup about mental health issues because my veneer is too thin, i applaud your effort to form this kind of group … i hope you know about C-PTSD or will research it and educate your attendees about it and allow them to learn about a disorder that is barely recognized … those who recognize that they have the disorder should be encouraged to learn about it, learn how best to help themselves, and educate their care givers about the disorder and how insidious and prevalent it is … for the longest time i was told that it was depression i had … i mentioned feelings similar to those i read about PTSD but was pough ploughed with that being pretty much exclusive to war vets … yet i related to their symptoms feeling like i had lived through a war … turns out it was true … now that they’ve added the complex part … Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is in fact much worse than PTSD !! as you will find out researching it if you don’t know about it already

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