Future Now Meet and Greet

Nick’s meet and greet

Note: He smells so good and is really nice to look at.


As I walk in, Nick smiles and says “I read your note. Thank you.”

He puts his arms out for a hug.

I smile and hug him.

We turn around for a picture.

I hug him again.

He shakes Carly’s hand and said “Nice to meet you too.”

Demi’s meet and greet

Note: She very natural and I was very comfortable in her presence.


Demi smiles as I walk in and says “hi!”

The guard passes her the note I wrote for her.

She reads it. “Awww thanks so much,” she says.

She gives me a nice, warm hug.

We turn around for a picture.

She says “thanks for coming” (I think) to Carly.

Both very nice, natural people. Worth every penny.

See you next time Demi!

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