One Word Challenge: Bored

We live in a generation where most people have to be entertained by technology. Some people spend hours watching their favourite TV series, playing video games, or scroll through an endless Tumblr dashboard. I’m not judging, because I do it too somedays. But it’s a sad fact that technology consumes most of majority of people’s lives. To most of us, a pen and paper and a deck of cards is seen as boring, especially when compared to technology.

I am a productive person. I don’t enjoy watching TV or scrolling through a newsfeed for hours. I get so bored of it and rush right back to my word document and write. I only watch one or two episodes of Netflix in between productive tasks to rest my brain a little, or at the very end of the day when I have nothing left to do. I almost never watch movies unless I’m with a friend because I’m already bored 20 minutes through, even if it’s one of my favourite movies. I cannot play online computer games, unless it’s strategic or word, because I don’t get the point in matching candies or making a character jump to get coins. Honestly, there’s no point to it. I get so bored doing unproductive things that will do no benefit for me. Just to kill time.

What do I do when I’m bored? Or to keep myself busy? And how is it productive?

  1. I write, which is a way for me to express myself and inspire others. It is very therapeutic and a way to get things off my chest. Also, it’s also practice for school and future jobs.
  2. I compete in scrabble or other thinking games, helps me think in different ways and exercise my brain.
  3. I have one-on-one conversations with people who need advice without any distractions, it is very important to me that I set time aside to talk to the people who come to me for advice and make them feel important by giving them my undivided attention.
  4. I read self-help books to educate myself more, which helps me learn more so I can help others and myself even more. I also work on worksheets that help with my mental health.
  5. I work on school work that’s not due for days. It’s due at some point. Why not just do it and get it over with? And it’ll save me from getting stressed when my homework eventually piles up.

I am in no need for social media, video games, or Netflix. I get bored out of my mind when I do those things for too long. It’s sad how much people freak out when the power goes off, their device’s battery dies, or for some reason they don’t have access to the internet. I’ve heard people complain that there’s nothing to do during these times and how bored they are. I am very fortunate to not have to rely on technology to keep me entertained. There is a difference between me and majority of this generation: I get bored with the Internet and TV, when others get bored without it. I dare you to write with a pencil and pen, or play scrabble or a card game with someone.

Below I’m going to type up a few things for you to do/think about. I’m going to start putting different ones at the end of each post. Do me a favour and actually do it/think about it. If you feel comfortable, post your responses in the comments on the link to this post on facebook/ you’re getting this from.

  1. If you had to go a week without internet or TV, how would your days change?
  2. List 3 things that you do in your free time that does not use Internet or the TV.
  3. What do you prefer? Online games/video games or board/card games?
  4. Are you one to get bored without Internet and TV? Or with it?

3 thoughts on “One Word Challenge: Bored

  1. Lisa @ The Golden Spoons says:

    I could easily live without TV, but I’m not sure about internet. I do spend a lot of time on social media, but a lot of that has to do with blogging. But, I agree that today’s generation spends a lot of time online and has forgotten (or never experienced) a lot of the other ways to pass time.

  2. Charlene says:

    Bring back the OLD SCHOOL games and activities that we used to do when we were younger. There is ALWAYS something to do or to be done!
    1. I don’t know if I would last a week without TV or internet – maybe a day or 2 – 3 at max…I would have to be in a really nice place to help distract me!
    2. Read a magazine on the deck with a cup of tea, de-clutter my home (i find it therapeutic) & nail art
    3. Board games and card games definitely! 😉
    4. Sometimes I do get bored with internet & tv. That’s when it’s time to get the kids, and head to the park!

    Great post!

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