I Started Going to Central Community Church

I recently wrote about starting to attend community church. I don’t believe in everything they say or believe. In fact, I’m not even sure if I believe in God or Jesus. I mean, I have an open mind about it but I am not sure if I am there yet, and I might not ever be.

I grew up Catholic but I felt Catholic. As I got older, I realized my beliefs weren’t the same as my family’s. My dad’s side of the family is really religious but there are some things they do and believe that I don’t agree with. My personality doesn’t fit into the standard of a typical Catholic. And I also believe in bad karma, as well as good karma which  I know is something that is usually frowned upon in the catholic lifestyle.

Despite this, I decided to try going to this church, after months of convincing from my friend. And, I love it there. It has given me something to lean on whenever I feel alone.

To me, Central Community Church is an unique, modernized look at what it means to believe in something, even if that thing isn’t God/Jesus. It also means just being a part of a community.

Every service starts off with a band on stage with super cool lighting. The band performs really upbeat, fun songs. I love music so I absolutely love this. I enjoy it so much. After they play a few songs, the pastor comes out wearing typical day-to-day clothes. He talks about modern day problems/situations that everyone can relate to, sometimes pulling out passages from the bible.

It’s never boring, which is all I remember regular church being. We have fun at this church. We can eat and text in service if that’s what we want. And the pastors are funny! And everyone is welcome regardless of race, sexuality, religion. Even though it encourages you to, you don’t have to believe in God to go to this church. The church never tries to force the belief on anyone.

Each month has a theme. In November, the theme was emotions, which I loved because he talked about depression and anxiety. Every Sunday, he talked about a different emotion.

This month’s theme is “Do you measure up?” It’s about things like how to measure up to your standards, be productive, change, grow, and find your purpose.

These talks are usually motivational, but whatever the topic is, I always leave learning something. It is an amazing way to start my week.

I started going when my seasonal depression started. I needed a community to be apart of so I could feel less alone. I needed something to lean on. I needed something to look forward to every week. This church has provided that for me. I am so glad I started going.

For more information on Central Community Church, go to https://www.centralcc.ca/.

If you don’t live in this area, all the services are live online then posted at https://www.centralcc.ca/watch/.

I encourage everyone to check it out and keep a open mind, especially those who are struggling to get through life. I didn’t think I would like it but now it’s something that I look forward to every week.

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