Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Future

We often spend a lot of time worrying about the future. But what good does that do?

I have had a few panic attacks over the past couple years. Now that I am finished school, I’m pretty much on my own when it comes to deciding what to do.

Your whole life is pretty much plan out for you from the day you are born until the day you graduate from college. It’s pretty much up to you to decide what you want to do with your life from that point on.

Not gonna lie, it’s scary, because there is no “next step”.

Instead, there are a whole bunch of options. And you’re probably scared that you’re going to make the wrong one.

Or maybe there’s not. Maybe you can’t find work in your field. What do you do now?

This is the time where you’re allowed to be wrong and make mistakes. This is the time where you explore. There really is no right or wrong answer.

Sometimes the right opportunities come up when we least expect it.

Live day by day. There’s no rush to be the best you that you can be. So, don’t rush it and don’t settle for anything less.

Ease your worries about what you’re going to do next and just let it happen.

But it also won’t just drop on your lap. You’re going to have to search for it and put yourself out there so that opportunity can find you.

I’m out of school and unemployed. What am I doing while waiting for a job to open up?

Running and building this blog every day. I also do it for free, wanting nothing out of it but to help others. Who knows? Maybe my dream job will come out of it. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself. Instead, I’m just going to go day by day because I’m enjoying it right now.

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