A big moment for Demi

I just witnessed an incredible performance by Demi Lovato on the VMAs. She absolutely rocked that stage.

Before she performed, she prayed and repeated “I am enough” multiple times into the microphone. She has a lot of courage and strength and took it with her on stage today, which is just amazing and something a lot of us are not able to do.

I am very proud of her. I’ve watched her grow. I’ve watched her struggle to get to where she is today. I know she was once someone who had body image issues and didn’t believe in herself. Now, she is confident and is looking ever so sexy during her performances. Therefore, I am SO proud of this girl.

This performance and her upcoming CD is going to change her whole career. I think she’s about to get huge. I think people are about to give her a lot more credit and take her more seriously as an artist. I’m going to look back on this day and remember it and what I was thinking. I knew she always had it in her; it just took her some time to find it. Now that she has, the world better be ready for her awesomeness.

I know she probably won’t see this, so I’m just going to make a request to anyone that may be reading this. Give Demi the credit she deserves career wise. Even though her story is important, she’s an artist too. She wants to be recognized for her music and talent as well. She has said it herself. And now I think is the time to do that because she killed it on that stage.

I love this girl, and I will continue to love and support her for her music and talent, as well as her story and amazing personality.

There’s also a lesson to be learned here. We CAN make it if we work hard enough. We CAN get to a point where we love our life. We CAN learn to love ourselves and be comfortable in our own body. Recovery and treatment IS possible. We just need to believe in ourselves. It’s also okay to fall as long as we’re always trying to pick ourselves back up. Even though I’ve always knew this, watching Demi on stage tonight, as confident as I’ve ever seen her, reminded me.

Stay strong lovelies <3

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