One word challenge: Remember

Remembering and appreciating the little things in life is a simple thing we can do to make ourselves happy, even just for the moment. Sometimes little things are more precious and valuable than the big things. We should appreciate these things. Sometimes we forget about the little things and take them for granted. Selfish, entitled, materialistic people often do not take the time to appreciate these things and want everything the big and the best. When we remember the little things, we become more happy and appreciative about what life has to offer.

I remember and appreciate all the little things. I remember when I went over to a family friend’s house and her granddaughter came running to me, screaming my name and her laugh when my friend pushed us around my wheelchair. I remember chasing the grandson around my house and how much fun we had. I will always remember these little moments. I find it really important to remember these things and not get caught up in the bigger and better. I never take a precious little moment for granted and remember each moment. Sometimes these things may be gone and I will never see it again. It’s important to remember the little moments, but it’s also important to appreciate the physical things around us to. One thing I appreciate is that even though the snow is cold and is really hard for me to get around, it is something beautiful to look at when we’re stuck inside.

These are the littlest moments I remember and the littlest things I appreciate:

  1. Even though snow is cold and hard to get around in, something beautiful comes out of it
  2. Delicious food
  3. Hugs from your best friends
  4. When a little kid runs up to me and hugs me
  5. When a little kid holds my hand
  6. Tackling and/or tickling a child and hearing him/her laugh
  7. Babies. Just babies. Precious little human beings.
  8. Laying beside a friend and talking for hours
  9. Laughing
  10. Warm, cozy blankets
  11. Live concerts
  12. Meeting Demi
  13. Cuddles
  14. When people do little acts of kindness for me
  15. Compliments
  16. Accessibility on buses
  17. When my dog is happy to see me when I get home
  18. When my cat lets me cuddle her
  19. Nice weather
  20. Knowing someone is just a text away
  21. First time I used my motorized chair
  22. Bite sized food
  23. Being able to talk and have a special connection with people from different parts of the world
  24. Being able to relax after a busy day
  25. Getting joy from Disney movies even though I’m an adult
  26. Sweats and fuzzy PJ pants
  27. Pictures
  28. Nice smells
  29. Ramp to get into my house
  30. Warm bubble baths
  31. Automatic doors
  32. Medicine
  33. Vending machines
  34. Watching Frozen for the first time
  35. Sing-a-longs at the piano during the first year of college
  36. The sound of guitar
  37. Meaningful lyrics
  38. New music from favourite artists
  39. Last minute fun plans
  40. Walking in the pool with no kind of support for the first time
  41. When people trust me
  42. A good mark on an assignment
  43. Calendars/organizers
  44. My special ornament I get every year
  45. Spending my break with the special needs students when I was in high school
  46. Getting inside a warm building after being out in the cold
  47. Adrenaline rushes that I get from rides, waterslides, full speed in my wheelchair, etc.
  48. Sleeping in
  49. Not so busy days
  50. Going to my favourite restaurant

Below I’m going to type up a few things for you to do/think about. I’m going to start putting different ones at the end of each post. Do me a favour and actually do it/think about it. If you feel comfortable, post your responses in the comments on the link to this post on facebook/ you’re getting this from.

  1. Make a list of 10 little moments you remember.
  2. Make a list of 10 little things you appreciate.

Remember: Little things. This blog post is focusing on little things. And remember, don’t take anything for granted!

Stay strong lovelies <3

One thought on “One word challenge: Remember

  1. Lisa @ The Golden Spoons says:

    Yes! I think sometimes we are so busy waiting for BIG things that we miss all the little things that could bring us so much joy! Love this and good for you!

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