22 signs that you are a Lovatic

If you don’t know what a Lovatic is, you probably aren’t one. Haha.

1. Demi’s not only an artist to you. She’s a person in your life.
2. You’ve cried because you’re proud of her.
3. You follow her on social media.
4. You have used phases like “she’s just being Demi.”
5. You think she’s crazy and love her for it.
6. You’ve seen her at her best and her worst.
7. Your heart breaks when you see her cry.
8. You just want to hug her.
9. You know her story.
10. You know she’s much more than her story.
11. You get proud of her accomplishments.
12. You talk about her as if she’s a friend of yours (sometimes you don’t even realize it…then it gets weird).
13. You love your fellow Lovatics.
14. You’ve been to her concert and/or met her.
15. You quote her all the time.
16. You have/want an Demi inspired tattoo.
17. You’re willing to do anything for her.
18. She’s someone you count on to¬†help you through your days and you struggles.
19. You just think she’s awesome. Period.
20. You stand up for her.
21. She’s inspired you in one way or another.
22. Everyone knows you’re a Lovatic.

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