Meet and Greet Story

I went into the room where the curtain was. They opened the curtain for someone to go in. I got a glance at Demi and instantly felt extremely calm and happy. Like the only thing that mattered at that moment was the fact that I was meeting my hero.

They open the curtain for me to go in.

“Hey gorgeous!” she said.

I went up to her, passed her a note that I wrote beforehand so that I didn’t have to worry about talking and her not understanding me, and she read it. As she was reading it, she let out a couple awww’s and I could tell she was at least somewhat touched. When she was done reading it, she was like “Awww yeah for sure.”

We turned around to face the camera. She held out her pinky and I intertwined mine with hers.

The photographer took the picture. I reached over for a hug (I asked in the note) and she put her arms around me and squeezed tight.

“Bye Hun,” she said.

I head over to the curtain. Before leaving, I turn around for one last look, to see her watching me leave. I waved.

“Bye sweetie,” she said as she smiled and waved.

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